Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, and range from new startups to well-established Fortune 100 companies.

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Tatiana Ovsyanikova

Head of HR Royal Bank of Scotland

The managerial team of the Royal Bank of Scotland attended the Business Relations training program as part of an ongoing drive for development. The program was quite unconventional and made a lasting impression with the participants. By the end of the program ALL the participants confirmed that the training was beneficial for both professional and personal growth.

We would like to extend our gratitude to ”Business Relations” for their professional attitude and creative outlook.


Max Tucker

General Manager BBDO group

Our people were not listening to each other. Everybody wanted to speak, but nobody wanted to listen to anything that anyone else was saying.  The Business Relations training helped to uncover the true motivation of our employees. We found that the reality and what people were saying were two different things. The most important change for us was that relationships amongst employees improved significantly. This led to more effective and open communication, which, in turn, led to greater results.

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Ivan Svitek 

Chairman of the Board Home Credit Bank

The Business Relations training changed our lives in HCFB and my life personally as well.

We (the team of top managers) have begun to recognize our limiting habits and as such are able to disassemble conflict situations much more quickly, as well as agreeing on common objectives. We are more responsive and ready to receive feedback from each other. Employees relate much better to each other, and many of the ideas BR imparted have become part of our everyday language and corporate view. It has become easier to understand what is really important for us and we keep our promises. 

I recommend BR training to any company with serious intentions to change the existing status quo and a desire to reach a new level of attitude and relationships between employees.